Wednesday, 21 February 2018

ATZ - an English Adventure - The package (2)

Anna swept her gaze left to right, taking in the sight before her. The devastation from Daenerys "The Mother of All Storms" and the subsequent outbreak of a viral illness that had caused the citizens of Thanet to become violent cannibals, was catastrophic.  The big diesel engine of the ambulance growled as she nervously tapped her right foot on the accelerator of the 5.5 tonne vehicle.  With each tap another pair of milky white eyes turned and began a slow lurch toward her, the uncoordinated gait characteristic of the "zombie" like creatures that were, at one time her fellow human beings. Slipping the truck into gear she eased toward Nash Road, a small run of houses lining Ellington Park, her eyes trying to take in all of the many hiding places the D-Subs, as she knew they were being called, could lurk.  All told seven of the beasts were heading her way, determined to feast on her flesh. 

Anna drives onto the table and immediately 7 zombies are generated

 A glimpse of movement in her review mirror drew her attention, causing her foot to slip off the gas and the ambulance to slow to a virtual stop.  A tall figure, all dressed in black military style clothing including body armour and helmet, stepped from the middle house carrying a nasty looking assault rifle.  Three similar looking soldiers followed, as the first raised a hand to hail the young paramedic before she rolled by.  Anna did an almost double takethis was the first time she had seen the army on the streets since the troubles had started.  Relief flooded through her, this must be the start of the government's response and the rescue of the uninfected people of the blighted isle. A big smile started to grow across her face as she came to a complete stop, a risky move as more and more of the D-Subs were being drawn to the idling engine.  

The first PEF comes into LoS

and is revealed as the strike team! gulp...
Sergeant Nick Doyle plastered a huge grin on his face and put on his best "friendly but competent" look.  The girl had to be taken if possible, eliminated if not, most importantly she needed to let them know the whereabouts of the package.  This had to look like a rescue, not an abduction in order to get the drop on herWith some quick hand signals, he sent Tomkins and Conti to the far side of the vehicle, tasking Dewbury to cover his own "six". Doyle slung his rifle over his back, a dangerous move considering the D-Subs that were bearing down on them, but he needed his hands free for the taser holstered at his waist.   

Anna jumped, as the soldiers opened fire at the oncoming zombies, causing two to spin around in a hail of bullets and drop to the ground. The paramedic winced at the noise of the automatic fire, it would surely draw even more of the beasts, but could see the effectiveness of the action.  Grateful for the intervention, she disengaged the auto-lock, barely flinching as the handsome soldier with the enormous smile opened the passenger door and leaned into the cab. 

the soldies open up, causing a hell of a racket!

"Morning love" the sergeant drawled, his accent marking him as a northerner, most likely from Yorkshire. "Seems like you have a spot of bother 'ere, need some help?".  His wide grin faltered a little as he heard a dry click behind him and Conti's curse.  

"I'm out Sarge" The dark-haired soldier added, unnecessarily it seemed. The glare sent the private's way was distinctly less friendly and followed by a few quick, choice words from the NCO made the younger man squirm, an odd sight for a fully kitted out warrior. Turning back to Anna, Doyle fixed the smile back in place with some effort, which became a bit easier as he spotted a bulky file poking out the top of a Tesco "bag for life". 

Anna watched the exchange between the two soldiers and grew a little uneasy.  Long experience in the emergency services had sharpened already good instincts to a razor edge, the past few days only adding to that. Now she picked up on the subtle body language from the bulky man, a slight tilt of the head, the licking of his lips and tension in his shoulders as his gaze dropped to the bag in which Chris's medical file was contained. As he lifted his eyes, she saw a look of relief that was almost comical and was certainly palpable. Instincts flared, synapses fired off, dumping floods of adrenaline into her bloodstream.  Years of hockey drills had honed her reflexes and her hand shot out to grab the handle of the bat by her side. As quick as she was though, the sarge was quicker and his own hand dropped to his waist, lifting the taser. 

Doyle depressed the trigger and watched as the tiny darts hit the paramedic in the centre of her chest before dumping 50,000 volts at 26 watts through her body.  The young woman's torso arched as her limbs spasmed, her muscles contracted to their full extent as the electricity smashed through her.  Anna's heart temporarily stopped as the SV node overloaded and the cardiac tissue flexed and did not release.  Her brain, overwhelmed by the power of the weapon shut down in an effort to restart the bodies autonomous functions and keep itself from becoming hypoxic.   As Doyle eased off the trigger, the flow of electricity instantly stopped and Anna slumped into the chair with a sigh. Reaching into the vehicle he pulled her into the passenger seat and fastened zip ties to her wrists and ankles. 

Anna is stunned by the taser (sorry for the blurry pics)

more zeds are drawn in by the noise (15 in fact!)
"SARGE!" The shout from Tomkins caused him to look up from his task, just in time to see D-Subs closing in on their position.  One of the infected, grievous wounds caused by the squaddies ignored, reached out for Doyle just as another round tore through its lower mandible and lifting it from its feet.  The other soldiers lifted assault rifles to their shoulders and began to whittle down the approaching creatures, widening the gap between them but drawing in more of the D-Subs with each crack of the high-powered weapons.  Making a snap decision he clambered passed the unconscious medic and into the driver seat, calling to the others to get in the vehicle – it was time to get the hell out of here! 

the lads keep the D-Subs at bay.

next part coming soon!
hope you enjoy

Friday, 16 February 2018

ATZ - an English Adventure - The package (1)

Hi all

I hope you enjoyed the intros to this episode/encounter in my ATZ campaign.  I also hope it will have set you up for what is to come.  Once again the AAR will be written narratively, so will not have any of the rules prompts or explanations, it will also condense some of the action or indeed stretch some of it to incorporate the story, however it will remain true to the action that will happen within the game even if that is adverse to my heroes!

Why am I writing this intro in this tense? because I haven't played the game yet and will write up a post after playing a chunk of the game.  This means that I have little idea of how it will all pan out! exciting huh? :-)

So to get some background on this scenario then. Hopefully you have been following the story so far, if not why not?!? You can find it here.

First up we have Anna...

Anna "putters" Parker

Anna "Putters" Parker has had a very tough intro to the zompoc! her fiance Chris was studied extensively after developing a weird, delayed reaction to the virus, he then turned into a homicidal killing machine that tore the D-Subs to shreds before falling to a horde of the critters. This has led to Anna confirming her "survivor" status in ATZ parlance, she has also managed an increase in her stats.  As i'm using Bryan's variation of the rules and split the mighty ATZ Rep stat I could have increased one of the other stats but decided to up her Rep from 3 to 4. She's still wielding a baseball bat, that she found in a house earlier and she's still driving an ambulance that she had been driving immediately after Storm Daenerys. So here's her upgraded card.

The board I will be using is based on the one I took to PAW with only minor changes to the street furniture, mostly because I haven't had time to change it but also because I haven't really played any game on it, so want to try it out!!

Divided into the usual 9 sections, Anna will enter in at section 8, in her ambulance highlighted in a green circle.  Her objective is to simply exit the board at section 2, highlighted by the green arrow, if this happens the encounter is a success.  There are three PEFs on the board but rather than being a random roll on the encounter chart in the rule book, they will be pre-loaded in order to represent the individual story threads that we've been following this week.

However we won't know which one it will be until they are revealed as I don't want to influence the way I move Anna...

Each PEF will represent one of the following -

Strike team Alpha-Sierra 5 - the team consists of :
Sgt Nick Boyle - rep 4 - assault rifle, body armour (born leader)

L/Cpl Samuel Tompkins - rep 4 - assault rifle, body armour (medic 1)

Pvt Bradley "Dewdrop" Dewbury - rep 4 assault rifle, body armour (dim)

Pvt Tony Conti - rep 4 - assault rifle, body armour (poser)

The team will attempt to capture Anna if she is on her own and it is possible. To do this Sgt Boyle has been issued with a taser which has stats of:- range 3" Target 1 Impact 1. If the shot hits and is over the Impact score of 1 then the target is stunned and considered immobile for d3 turns.  They will then ziptie Anna and move to the RV.  They cannot fast move with Anna ziptied. When the team first encounter Anna they will "meet and greet". If the sgt gets more successes he will appear friendly in order to get closer to Anna and deploy the taser. If Anna gets more successes she will suspect something is up and can "walk the walk"

If it is impossible to capture Anna then they have orders to terminate her on sight and any witnesses, opening fire with their assault rifles.  One of the team must be in btb in order to search for the package and that must be retrieved.  The team will not withdraw unless they have the package or Sgt Boyle is killed. If they retrieve the package or capture Anna they must RV with their chopper which will land on the roof of the supermarket for extraction.

Gobbo - Gobbo will be accompanied by his daughter Astrid, who are scavving on foot for supplies in the local area.

As Gobbo is/was Anna's crewmate, there is no need to "meet and greet" they will automatically join forces and escape the board from the nearest exit if Anna is in her ambulance or via the exit by the Winchester Arms pub at the corner of section 3 if she is on foot. If Anna exits with Gobbo the encounter is a success.  If the strike team have captured Anna in LoS of Gobbo he will attempt a rescue if possible.

April Nillson - April is on foot in the area, looking for Anna at the behest of her cameraman "Booby" Bobby.  During his most unlikely radio message, he has managed to persuade April to locate and warn Anna of the strike team and it's sinister mission.  April relented mostly because of the huge story she can scoop - D-sub viruses, sinister government agencies, science experiments!!! She is however, also at heart a decent human being and the thought of a young paramedic being butchered to further a government agenda appalls her. If she encounters Anna before the strike team she will have to "meet and greet" as normal with successes meaning she has convinced the paramedic of her sincerity and she will warn Anna about the strike team and Anna will not have to "meet and greet" the team, instead she can go straight to insight and "walk the walk".  If she encounters her afterward she will try to join forces with her in order to get the scoop.  she will not however try to rescue a captured Anna by assaulting the strike team, she may however try to help her if its possible.

The encounter will take place in an Urban setting so zombies will generate on 4+ following noise and the Encounter Rating starts at 5.

It is late morning of Day 5 (PD) post Daenerys....

hope you enjoy

Thursday, 15 February 2018


Bobby rocked back on his heels, his head spinning. He had, thanks to his prodigious luck avoided all the MPs who patrolled the FOB. He had even found himself a little hidey hole right next to the command module and out of sight of the rest of the camp. Even luckier he had discovered a little gap in the welds of the structure that seemed to funnel sound straight out to him and his waiting microphone.   

Despite Bobby's rather dim nature he was, in addition to being exceptionally lucky, a bit of a technology savant with the uncanny ability to work tech despite very little formal training.  For the last few days he had been working on the problem of communications and his inability to get hold of April Nillson, the reporter that he was working for.  Bobby knew that she would love the footage that he had gathered so far and he wanted desperately to please his boss.  However, a chance breeze last night had caught a pile of papers that were on the corner of a desk near to Bobby's spyhole and dropped a couple of pages to the floor. Unbelievably, one of the pages had jammed into the slender crack allowing the cameraman to pull it through to his hidey hole...  

Bobby knew it was now or never, he needed to test the crypkey that he presumed was today's code.  The paper had been very useful in providing exactly what he needed at the right time and Bobby was trusting to his luck.  He knew April had a radio handset in the huge handbag that she dragged around with her for work, the twin of which he had in his hand.  Withdrawing to a safe distance, Bobby turned the civitech on and entered the code-ware into the handset, fingers crossed it would marry up with April's and allow them to talk.  With a faint crackle, the radio transmitted the release code to the other unit* 

"April, April are you receiving me? Over" 

Bobby crouched, nervously glancing around him acutely aware that he was in real danger.  He'd never really realised the precarious position he'd found himself in, surrounded as it were by soldiers who would look very unkindly at what he was about to do. 

"Come on April, I really hope you have this thing on..." 

Another burst of static and then a very faint voice came over the speaker, gaining volume with each second. 

"...bby, Bobby? is that you?" 
A big grin spread across the cameraman's face and he let go of the breath he hadn't realised he was holding.  Depressing the press-to-talk button he began to tell his story, he just hoped it was in time to save an innocent paramedic's life... 

*authors note - yes I know this is stretching things a bit far, it is after all fiction....